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Radio repeatersFunk-Repeater

Radio repeaters

Repeaters for increasing radio range

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Increase the radio range of the tempmate.®-R devices

The tempmate.®-R repeaters are intended for situations where radio communication between the telemeter and receiver (RF to USB key) could be interrupted by obstacles or too great a distance. In such a case, the repeater should be installed at half-distance. It then gathers the data from the remote radio data loggers in order to transmit it directly to the RF to USB key.

There are two versions available:

  • Indoor: for use in buildings.
    Uses mains power
  • Outdoor: outdoor use,
    with power supplied by solar energy

With a repeater, it is possible to double or significantly increase the logger’s radio range. However, in monitoring mode, power usage is accordingly twice as high (depending on the waiting time and transmission times to the receiver). As a guideline, in this situation you should halve the logger’s battery life. It also always better to use a larger antenna (ideally grounded full-wave) than a repeater.

Easy installation

The radio connection occurs automatically as soon as the devices have been installed. The transmitter sends its data to the PC, dependent on its position: either directly or via the repeater.

Radio repeater RPT20
Radio repeater RPT30
Radio repeater RPT51


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Contact inquiry

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Technical data

Repeaters with mains power
Ref: RPT20 RPT30
Operating temperature -40°C … +85°C -40°C … +85°C
Current limit None None
Power supply Mains (220 volts) with 5V adaptor
Antennas Full-wave 1/2-wave
Radio range (PC – repeater – logger) Several hundred metres, through several walls.
Weight approx 0.5kg approx 0.5kg
IP protection IP50 IP65
Solar repeater
Ref: RPT51
Operating temperature -40°C … +85°C
Current limit 6 days without sun (low light is enough to charge the batteries)
Power supply 1 solar panel; lead batteries
Antenna Full-wave
Radio range 1 to several kilometres
Weight approx 4.3kg
IP protection IP67