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USB alarm relayUSB-Alarmrelais

USB alarm relay

Relay for connecting a warning system

Alarmrelai Funkdatenlogger
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Alarm relay for the PC

The relay is a switch that forwards an alarm signal from the radio data logger to an external alarm system.
All types of alarm system, such as a blue light, siren or telephone alarm can be connected. This device is compatible with all tempmate.®-R products.

Product references

  • DIS30: with mains plug for indoor use
  • DIS30: with mains plug for indoor use
  • DIS31: with 12-volt supply, for use in refrigerated lorries

Quick and easy installation

  1. Connect the relay to a USB port on the monitoring PC (the PC on which the RF Monitor software is installed, with a connected RF to USB key)
  2. Connect the alarm system to the relay
  3. In the RF Monitor software, configure the alarm transmission to the relay:
  • RLB alarm if a measurement falls outside the configured threshold values
  • Alarm if battery is running low
  • Alarm if lack of radio transmission

Benefits of the alarm relay radio data logger

  • Plug & play installation
  • No battery: power is supplied via the PC
  • Configurable using the RF Monitor software


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Contact inquiry

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Technical data

RLB21 RLA21*
Operating mode Bistable Active safety
Operating temperature -20°C … +70°C -20°C … +70°C
IP protection IP20 IP20
Power supply USB cable USB cable
Maximum voltage for connection of peripheral devices 240 V 240 V
Maximum current for connection of peripheral devices 5A 5A
3-pin: 1x normally open (NO), 1x normally closed (NC) and 1x common. 3-pin: 1x normally open (NO), 1x normally closed (NC) and 1x common.

* The active safety version automatically changes the common pin to alarm in the event of an electrical or component-based problem.