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Wireless warning systemDrahtloses Warnsystem

tempmate.®-R WRN12

Wireless alarm notifications

Drahtloses Warnsystem
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Device for visual
and audio alarms

The WRN12 is a warning device that can communicate with any data loggers in the tempmate.®-R range. It can warn personnel on site in real time.

With its powerful 80dB buzzer and 40-lumen flashing light, the WRN12 is the perfect addition to the tempmate.®-R intelligent radio sensor solution. It informs personnel on site if a logger enters an alarm state.

As soon as an alarm is triggered, pressing the red button on the device is all you need to do to stop the audio alarm. The red flashing light will continue to flash until the logger is no longer in an alarm state (or the alarm is acknowledged via the software).

Simple to put into operation

  1. Connect the WRN12 to the power supply
  2. Assign the various radio data loggers
  3. Wait until a logger records a measurement that falls beyond the threshold values, so that the WRN12 triggers the alarm
  4. Acknowledge the alarm via the red button on the WRN12

  • Alarm if a value falls above or below the threshold
  • Notifies personnel who are in the vicinity of a data logger
  • Powerful 80dB buzzer
  • Powerful 40 lumen red flashing light

Wireless warning system Functionality

Benefits of a wireless warning system

  • Easy to install and use
  • Can have up to 255 loggers assigned to it
  • Powerful audio and visual alarms


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Technical data

Transmission Radio ISM 868 MHz
ISM antenna 1/4-wave antenna (supplied); can be replaced by a more powerful antenna (unscrew)
Radio range (free field) Several hundred metres; the signal can penetrate several walls
Internal memory Connection to max 255 loggers
Power supply AC adaptor supplied
IP protection IP30
Radio: WRN12 is receiving data from a logger
Power: WRN12 is receiving power correctly, and/or data processing running
Warning: Red flashing light shows if a value recorded by the logger falls above/below the threshold values
Audio signalBuzzer when the device starts up. If a value falls below/above a threshold value, a powerful 80dB audio signal is emitted (1 beep per second).
Plug connectionsMicro USB for power
SMA for the radio antenna
Forced communicationPlace a magnet onto the WRN12; this forces communication with the loggers