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Monitoring softwareSoftware Monitoring

RFM software

The software for managing
the tempmate.®-R products

RFM Software
  • Description

  • RFM premium

  • CFR 21

RF Monitor: The user-friendly software

The RF Monitor software enables configuration and monitoring of all tempmate.®-R radio data loggers.

Software versions

  • RF Monitor Premium: for use at one site. The radio data loggers report to a PC. The measurements can only be shown on this PC
  • RF Monitor Gold: for use across more than one site. Multiple networks of radio data loggers available. Each network reports to a PC, which sends the data to a central database. The measurement data can be accessed from all over the world.

RF Monitor Premium:
For monitoring one system

The RF Monitor software enables configuration and monitoring of all tempmate.®-R radio data loggers. The software is available in various different languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

RFM premium

Main features of the software

Main features of the RFM software
  • Change measurement frequency
  • Configure threshold values for the alarm
  • Edit data logger IDs

Live monitoring of the radio data loggers

Live monitoring
  • Display measurement values
  • Display battery status
  • Create interactive maps and diagrams, so that the status of the loggers being monitored can be followed on the PC’s screen


  • Audio alarm and on-screen visual alarm as soon as a measurement falls outside of the threshold values
  • Live alarm via email
  • Real-time alerts by text message when you purchase a text message bundle from tempmate.®-R/ tempmate.®-R dealers

PDF reports by email

  • Generate automatic PDF reports (daily/weekly/monthly) with just a few clicks
  • Show a sample report

Calibration tool

Calibration tool
  • Calibration tool integrated into the RF Monitor software
  • ‘Multipoints’ calibration
  • Calibration formula integrated into the radio data logger’s memory

Save data to the PC

Saving the data to the PC
  • All measurement values are transmitted to the PC or can be downloaded and saved in a local database
  • The database contains filtering, sorting and graphic functions
  • Data can be exported to a CSV file (EXCEL compatible) and/or to a PDF report file.
    For simultaneous access from different locations, the RF Monitor Gold software is required.

Installation and diagnosis tool

Installation and diagnosis tool
  • Displays reception quality of the various radio data loggers, in order to select the most suitable place to install
  • 14 different reception quality levels are displayed
Analysis tool
  • Tool for analysing bandwidth usage (for each transmitter channel)


PC requirements for configuring the RFM Premium software

  • 1 GHz CPU, 500MB RAM
  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Win7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • 100 MB free disk space
  • 1 USB port

This graphic shows the size of the database required, dependent on the number of radio loggers that transmit their measurements, and the measurement frequency. This estimation applies to one year’s worth of data. Furthermore, data can be saved (backup) and then deleted from the database, or you can simply continue. (Disk space requirements increase proportionally.)


CFR 21 PART 11

CFR 21 part 11 relates to a regulation from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), concerning the management of electronic documents and electronic signatures in the pharmaceutical industry. It sets out the criteria by which electronic documents and signatures can be recognised as trusted, reliable and similar to paper-based documents.
The version of CFR21 included in the RF Monitor software meets this standard.

  • The appropriate licence is included in the RF to USB Premium CFR21 USB dongle.
  • All features of the RF Monitor Premium software are included (configuration of the radio data loggers, diagnosis tools…)

Administration of multiple users:

  • Administration of different levels of access rights
  • Passport management

Journal of actions performed by the software, alarm journal (traceability of incidents, acknowledgement, adding comments).



Contact inquiry

Contact inquiry

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Main features

Ref RFM10 RFM40 RFM20 RFM30
Licence Included in RF to USB Premium key Included in RF to USB Premium CFR21 key Included in RF to USB Gold key Included in RF to USB Gold CFR21 key Without licence  
Configuration of the radio data loggers X X XX
Measurement data displayed with sorting options and graphics X X X X
PDF report automatically sent by email X X X X
Calibration tool X X X X
Radio range tester X X X X
Save the data in a local database X X X X  
Text message alert option* X X X X
Alarm log X X X X X  
Option CFR21 part 11: Save and display all actions carried out (alterations to configuration, alarms…) X X X  
Save the data in a local database that acts as a server X X
Remote access to measurement data X X X
Manage user permissions, password protection X X X X

* when you purchase a text message bundle from tempmate.®-R/ tempmate.®-R dealers.