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Database server

Server for the measurements database

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Database server – A service from Newsteo

Dependent on the version of the software you purchase, we can manage your database for you. In the Premium version, the data is stored directly on the PC that is connected to the data loggers by radio. In this scenario, the database is created locally by the software during installation.

In the advanced solutions offered by Newsteo, it is possible to create a network of different measurement points, which all send their measurement data to a central database: a database that is installed on a server. For these solutions, the RF Monitor Gold software or Ethernet collector (interface to the Ethernet network) are deployed. In this scenario, the database can be installed and managed either on Newsteo’s server or directly on the customer’s.

1. The tempmate.®-R Ethernet interface (collector) or RF Monitor Gold software send their measurements to one of Newsteo’s servers, which then saves the data.
In the case of the collector, everything is supplied pre-configured: no database needs to be installed.

  • No knowhow required.
  • Database size 4GB.
  • Multiple collectors can send their data to a single database. Purchase of a single licence is sufficient.

2. The user has access to the data at all times

  • Access to the data is via the DB Monitor software (supplied with the tempmate.®-R) or with a web browser (WebMonitor).
  • Round the clock access
  • Secure access via ID and password

3. The Newsteo server can send alarm messages or automatically generate reports

  • With WebMonitor: immediate alarm notifications if threshold values are breached, and periodic reports (measurements, alarms).
  • With the DB Monitor software: Live alarm notifications per email if a logger’s threshold values are breached

4. Newsteo are responsible for maintenance of the database

  • Regular backups
  • Creation of a backup DVD once a year

Customer database server

Great care must be taken when installing this solution, and it may not be easy. When using an Ethernet collector, certain scripts, which can be found on the Newsteo server, need to be installed.

Newsteo recommends:

  • The server on which you will be installing the database must run WINDOWS SERVER 2008 (recommended), although WINDOWS 7 PRO will also work. No other Windows operating systems, or Linux, are currently supported.
  • Newsteo recommends a dual core CPU with at least 6GB RAM and 1GB free disk space for the WebMonitor software (plus sufficient free disk space for saving the database measurements).
  • Database:
    This graphic shows the size of the database required, dependent on the number of radio loggers that transmit their measurements, and the measurement frequency. This estimation applies to one year’s worth of data. Furthermore, data can be saved (backup) and then deleted from the database, or you can simply continue. (Disk space requirements increase proportionally.)

Installation support package

The aim of this package is the installation of RFMonitor/DBMonitor/collector, with a database on the end user’s server. Newsteo offers 2 hours of support (product reference VIPJ SUPPO-002), which contains the following services:

  • Remote control of the client PC using the AMMYY software (recommended)
  • Analysis of the customer network structure
  • Installation check and troubleshooting
  • Tests of the connection with RFMonitor/DBMonitor/collector
  • Check that data is being stored in the database
  • Configuration of the email alarm

  • Not included: Travel to the customer’s site
  • Not included: Archiving and server maintenance
  • Requirements: Windows server with the WampServer platform


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